“As Director of Emergency Services for Sherburne County it was my pleasure to work with JEA Architects on Public Safety building projects. From the needs assessment to the final drawings, Jack Anderson was creative in finding solutions to meet our needs within the budget and kept our goals as a high priority throughout the entire process. Mr. Anderson took pride in the Project and went the extra mile to make sure we, as the Owner, were satisfied with the appearance and functionality of the building.”

John D. Olson | Former Director of Emergency Services | Sherburne County

“I have worked with Jack Anderson and JEA Architects as an engineering consultant for 20 years and Jack was the most conscientious and detailed architect I have ever worked with. It was amazing the attention to detail and coordination that went into each project. This showed in the construction phase of a project with little, or no, required changes. I found Jack easy to work with as our philosophies were the same: Take the time to do things correctly and the project will always go smoother to the end.”

Dan Moulton | MEP Coordinator | McGough Construction | St. Paul, MN. 55113