Our Services Include:



At JEA Architects we work with each client very carefully in establishing and exceeding the specific project requirements. Once the project parameters have been established, we believe in design solutions that are responsive and creative. We then follow through and focus our efforts to provide a project which results in quality buildings that exceed our clients’ expectations.

With our approach to architecture we believe there our in three keys necessary to create a foundation successful project:

  • Team Communication
    “We believe in strong project communication throughout the building process.”
  • Design Follows Needs
    “We want to establish and meet your needs first for the Project.”
  • Attention to Detail
    “We aim for accurate and complete detailing throughout the process.”



With our landscape designs we strive to:

  • Integrate the building to the site
  • Take into consideration the environment and locations
  • elect plants appropriate to our northern climate and
    approved by the Owner
  • Compliment the surroundings

Space Planning / Interior Design

Through interviews and with utilization of space programming forms, we assist you in establishing your needs.

    Design Goals:

  • Meet your functional requirements in each space
  • Create room flow patterns which work
  • Meet exiting, energy accessibility, health and building code requirements
  • Utilization of recycled (“Green Materials”) and natural light
  • Creation of warm, friendly interior environment personalized to your needs


Goal:  Monitor all construction to insure document compliance.

We believe that along with Administering the Project during construction we strive to foster a team atmosphere between the Contractor – Owner and Design team.

Some the key tasks during construction administration include:

  • Providing Architectural Site Visits and coordination of Design team additional
    site visitations – We provide thorough site visits and follow up with site visitation reports.
  • Shop Drawing review – Shop drawing review is particularly important because contractors bid projects with low profit margins and quick time schedule.  We insist on very accurate shop drawings to ensure that the submittals meet or exceed the specific items.
  • Answer questions throughout the building process – Timely answers and clarifications to questions which may arise, assists in the process of achieving schedules and project completion.
  • Review of contractor Pay Request approvals — Reviews and verification and certification of pay applications to ensure the Owner is getting what is being paid for.
  • Project closeout – Verify that all construction (punch list) items are completed. Ensure that all warranties and closeout documents are submitted and delivered to the Owner.



Within our firm, most of our work is for publicly-bid projects. As such, the fact that the low bidder is the one who usually is awarded the project, there is a great deal of pressure to put together accurate documentation from the start. Therefore, we carefully perform quality review check setting on our own projects. In addition, for the last six years, JEA Architects has been providing quality review check setting consulting on projects for other architectural firms. We have been very successful in this and last year alone, worked on approximately 25 projects. Providing accuracy of the contract documents from the start serves to limit the number of proposal requests and change orders as the projects move forward, which in turn helps to keep budgets under control.

In the process of a quality review of drawings and specifications, we utilize a number of check listing systems to provide:

  • General overview and cross checking of the project.
  • Reviewing and checking dimensions and references
  • Checking for the technical and buildability aspect accuracy of detailing.
  • ross checking between consultant and architectural drawings.

There is nothing like a good quality review process to find troublesome areas within the drawings, specifications and interconsultant coordination issues.

We can work closely with you to provide more accurate documentation or verify documentation of projects you are working with. In this age of CAD drawing, this is even a more valuable service than ever.

The amount of changes and conflicts we are able to find and get corrected during this process pays for itself many times over.


The following represent our quality review consulting on projects for OPUS Architects & Engineers. These projects range in size and complexity, but the average size range is 30,000 SF to 80,000 SF.

    Bridgeport Village

  • Bridgeport Village – Building A, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building B, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building C, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building D, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building E, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building F, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building G, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Building R, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Grocery TI, Tualatin, OR
  • Bridgeport Village – Parking Ramp, Tualatin, OR

    Woodbury Lakes

  • Woodbury Lakes Building A, Woodbury, MN
  • Woodbury Lakes Building D, Woodbury, MN
  • Woodbury Lakes Building E, Woodbury, MN
  • Woodbury Lakes Building F, Woodbury, MN

    Other Projects

  • The Golden One Credit Union, Sacramento, CA
  • Thorpe Distributing Company, Rogers, MN
  • Schulze Hall-University of St. Thomas, Mpls., MN
  • Selby Hall-University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN
  • Archway
  • Archway III
  • Texas Christian University Apartments, Texas
  • Grant Park Townhomes, Minneapolis, MN
  • Allentown Crossings IV
  • West Manor Crossings
  • The Meridian, Florida
  • Nicollet Plaza, Minneapolis, MN
  • Lakewood City Commons, Denver, CO
  • Three Carnegie, San Bernardino, CA
  • Eagan Prominade
  • Corporate Center
  • Centennial Promenade
  • Memphis Spec Warehouse
  • Nebco Ameriserv
  • Asian Foods
  • Field Paper
  • The John Harland Company
  • Opus Office Plaza At Inverness
  • United Healthcare
  • St. Hubert Catholic Community
  • Our Lady Of Peace
  • Carol Point Spec V
  • The Shoppes At Promenade
  • Creekside Business Center/Buildings B&C
  • Brookhollow Kohl’s
  • Mendota Heights Gateway Commons