We have an excellent record of performance:

  • Working within project budgets. JEA Architects has a proven track record of working within the established project budgets for numerous projects. We are sensitive to this and work within the parameters in a very effective way.
  • Providing accurate cost estimates. We have developed a spreadsheet-type cost estimating process, unique to JEA Architects. We work through the project development with cost estimates for the specific project. Since this process was instituted approximately 25 years ago, virtually no project has gone over budget that has been developed through JEA Architects.
  • Providing quality work. At JEA Architects, our philosophy is to apply our experience to all aspects of the project. This is particularly valuable in the addition and remodeling projects, even with small scale projects as they can be complex.
  • Meeting project schedules. From a design standpoint, again, we have an excellent record of meeting and exceeding the project schedules that are established for the design process needed by the specific owner. Establishing schedules are the key to properly laying out the phasing necessary for the project and schedule for the work to be done so that there are no questions regarding it by the ultimate contractors providing the work.
  • Providing thorough contract documents. Early in the establishment of JEA Architects, one of the goals of the firm was to insure that thorough contract documents, drawings and specifications would be provided for the project. While by no means perfect, we strive to be at the highest level of thoroughness and quality possible. We make sure that we put experienced people on the board, the drawings and the contract documents. Mr. Anderson is involved with the project drawing development along with writing the project specifications for each project that is worked through JEA Architects. We are also in the process of establishing a peer review process to enhance the quality of documents that go out for bidding.
  • Providing construction administration. Mr. Anderson has established a process where experienced people work through not only site observation and meetings, but also shop drawings. This is particularly important on projects that go through the public bidding process where the low bid is the accepted way of choosing a contractor. The experience that we apply during construction administration has worked well to insure that the Owner gets what it has paid for in the project process. To the extent possible, project schedules are adhered to.

We take pride in the fact that we have been commissioned for repeat work with many of our clients. As examples, State of Minnesota – 6 projects; City of Savage – 18 projects; City of Chanhassen – 4 projects; City of Shakopee – 7 projects; City of Oakdale – 7 projects, WSB – 8 Projects, Opus Architects – 50 quality review projects, Grootwassink Real Estate – 20 projects, Hopkins Schools – 8 projects. Expanded project information and references are available upon request.